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Kissing Games


  1. Wedding Trivia – Bride and Groom can make up questions ahead of time or we can provide stock questions like:
    1. How many years have they been together
    2. How many inches taller is the groom than the bride
    3. How many guests are at the wedding
    4. What is the bride/groom’s middle name?
    5. Where did the bride go to high school?
    6. What is the bride’s favorite color?
    7. What is the groom’s favorite beverage?
  2. Wedding Trivia Alternate – Put the trivia questions in balloons, guest has to pop balloon to pick a question.
  3. Table has to sing a song on a specific theme – eg Love, TV Theme show, drinking songs etc.
  4. Table must make up a poem or limerick, provide paper and pens, guest must come to podium to recite it, collect them as mementos.
  5. Tell a clean joke.
  6. Charitable donation
  7. Paper airplane – must make a paper airplane and fly it to head table for bride and groom to kiss.
  8. Deck of Cards – Pick a heart – bride and groom kiss – higher the heart, more passionate the kiss, pick a spade and guest must kiss someone, club – guest must do YMCA or Macerena, diamond – guest must moonwalk back to their seat
  9. Copycat – guest have to come up and kiss in front of the head table, bride and groom have to mimic whatever the couple did
  10. Hula Hoop – leave hula hoop in middle of floor, guest must come and hula hoop from the waist, bride and groom kiss for as long as hula hoop stays up.
  11. Simon Says – Balloons at tables, inside are instructions for something whole table must do to get bride and groom to kiss, EG, disco dance, macerena, ymca, sing a song, act like an animal etc
  12. Movie quotes – Balloons or envelope or have DJ announce a movie quote, guest has to guess correct movie – can be consequences if they don’t guess correctly.
  13. Bubble Gum – Guest must blow a bubble and hold it for 5 seconds.
  14. Charades – Guest must draw a card and act out the charade, guests must guess within 30 seconds.
  15. Silent Dancing – Guest must put on headphones and dance to song they hear, other guests must figure out what kind of music they are listening to by their dance style.


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